"Trust God Read this Powerful Testimony"

My post 2 yrs. ago read this powerful testimony! This testimony is affirmation of the Supernatural Movement 2016.

Read it and be blessed! Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 6/10/2016 #TrustGod #Prophetess #Rosie

>>>I need to bring clarity On June 3, 2014. This was my post...

I command every blocked and clogged arteries to open up in the Mighty Name of JESUS. I speak to your blood it shall flow freely throughout your body in the Mighty Name of JESUS. I rebuke heart-attacks and I command that spirit of infirmity to loose your body in the Name of Jesus! It shall NOT be a Quadruple Bypass is what I'm hearing In the Mighty Name of JESUS!

***For the Spirit of The Lord is saying... "Restored back to GOOD Health! My Lord My GOD!!!

Give God the Praise for the miraculously healing that has taken place in your body!!! Glory to the Lamb of God In Jesus Name! Amen.

The Ministry of Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 6/3/2014@11:43.a.m.

>>> Today 6/10/2014 I received this message in my inbox ... A Praise Report >>>

Hi Prophetess Rosie,

I would to give you my praise report please. I was in the hospital may 27th until I was released on June 3rd. When I got home that day. I looked at my Facebook page and what did I see from you was this message. In your message you said these words "that in the name of Jesus you commanded every blocked or clogged arteries to be open. You said that in the name of Jesus you commanded blood flow to be restored. You went on to say that there would not be a quadruple bypass. I'm telling you all of this is because during that week in the hospital my cardiologist came in and say these words to me. " you are in the stages of heart failure is when your blood doesn't completely flow to your heart. Then he said I believe you have a blockage and that will require bypass surgery.

Prophetess Rosie you are real... don't allow anyone to tell you different. God gave you a word for me. I was able to not only take hold of what you said but I stood on what God told you. I had my cardiac Cath. Surgery today. That when the run a line into your femoral artery up to your heart looking for blockages and they didn't fine anything at all. I trust God. I trusted God and I trust you as his messager. Please do not allow people to keep you from what God has ordained you to do. Thank you so much for being HIS obedient severt.

***Trust God, and know He will make ALL things Well in your life!

The Ministry of Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 6/10/2014@12:36p.m

*** Have a blessed night Family, God can do all things! Just TRUST Him.

The Ministry of Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 6/10/2014@8:38p.m.

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