"The spirit of Jealousy, Christians Fighting Against One Another; The Cutthroat People"

*** There are so many jealousy and envy hearted people who Attends Church, and in Leadership and will do anything to interfere with the purpose and plan on someone's life. *** As I prepared for the Supernatural Movement Event, I faced and was under Attacks from so called Christians. Jealous because of what God called me, Jealous of the gifts God has placed within me. Jealous of this and that! The spirit of Jealousy! ***The spirit of JEALOUSY, Christians folks hating and fighting against one another, because they are Jealous of who God has anointed you to be. Getting mad because how God uses you for His glory! Guess what Satan? You can't and you will not STOP me. The Blood of Jesus is AGAINST You and your works! In Jesus Name! Amen! As I awaken this morning, I heard "cutthroat people's" is what I encountered and they were used by Satan to distract, bring confusion and to sabotage, but The Spirit of the Lord shall contend with those who contend with me. We are in the last days and the love of many shall wax cold. This is prevalent among Church Folks, but we have to stay prayed up fast up and walk in Love! The Spirit of the Lord led me to read Luke 6:20-36. We must walk in forgiveness and in Love, regardless if the flesh tells you otherwise. God is Love and we takes on his characteristics. Amen. It's not about Rosie, it's about glorifying God! The Spirit of the Lord moved and is moving to change the lives of His people. In the love of Jesus Christ, Prophetess Rosie M Bruner-Finley 6/28/2016@5:49a.m. ‪‬

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