Revelation Knowledge & Word of Wisdom

Revelation Knowledge and Word of Wisdom... Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley

>>The Spirit of the Lord, gave a word to me through his servants, " I have been elevated in the Spirit". But what one must realize the devil is ANGRY and he's been watching to see how he can Destroy what God has promoted.

The NUMEROUS Attacks came against me so greatly by other christians in Leadership, but the revelation to this. **God said, Pray for your enemies and do good to them... Glory to God this is exactly what I did.

**The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me a few moments ago.."You pray and I will bring vengeance" It's not for the saints to fight their battles we are to PRAY and PRAISE while we are going THROUGH it and IN the battle. Pray without Ceasing!. ***Because we are Not responsible for how we are treated, BUT how we REACT to It!

**You have to HOLD your tongue in the Midst of Confusion, and Watch GOD give you the VICTORY! I Bless His Name!

Glory be to God, now I see what the Woman of God, Tonya YaYa Brewer, said to me on yesterday, the Lord said. "I Passed the TEST and I have been Elevated" It was the CONFIRMATION! To God be all the Glory!

((My soul is rejoicing in the God of my Salvation, Glory to His Name!))

In spite of situation and circumstance, this is still a LOVE WALK.

(((Praises be to God, I PASSED the TEST! Glory to His Name!)))

Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 6/29/2016@1:52p.m.

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