Prophetic Message of the Upcoming Presidential Election, Hillary Rodham Clinton

>>>Prophetic Message and let it be known is what I'm hearing. "God is raising up Women and putting them in the forefront". I saw Hillary Rodham Clinton, with a blue blazer/suit with her left hand on the bible and her right hand raised in the air. I heard "She shall be Sworn In" No matter what come against Hillary Rodham Clinton before that time, the weapons may form, but they shall not prosper. This is the plan and will of God in this NOW season, this is the Season of Great Change, and Women shall have a tremendous part in this change. Because the Men in leadership has caused great error, Now is the TIME for the Voice of a Woman to be heard, and it is so! Regardless what the news media say or report. It shall be a Woman in leadership in the Name of Jesus Christ! Hillary Rodham Clinton shall be Sworn In and shall take the oath is what I'm hearing. **I plead the blood of the Lamb upon Hillary Rodham Clinton life, a hedge of protection upon her life, and good health and divine favor upon her life in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen. * And it shall be an outpouring of Women Voters this election, you can't put out, what God has chosen! As I'm saying and declaring today, July 24, 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton shall be sworn in! I don't know what the color blue represents, it's similar to a slate blue and a royal blue color... but I will look it up. Prophetic Message by, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 7/24/2016@8:31p.m. ‪ ‬ #HillaryRodhamClinton #PropheticMessage #Prophetess #Rosie #SwornIn #PresidentialElection2016 

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