Prophetic Message, The Month of October 2016, the Season of Dominion!

Prophetic Message, the Month of October 2016...

I have been waiting for the month of October to arrive, because the Spirit of the Lord told me things will begin to happen in the month of October, the month of outpouring blessings! Have you all notice the months prior to October some went through hell, attacks after attacks, but now this is your birth place and your season of prosperity in every area of your life! I'm hearing..."the season of Dominion!" October 2016, the Extraordinary things are going to take place and I give God the praise and glory!

**Extraordinary things are coming your way this month October 2016, the Season of Dominion!

***I'm hearing House Closing this month, those who have tried but you've been denied... House Closing is what I'm heard!

Watch God turn the Unqualified to qualified (based on experience is what I'm hearing), the refused become approval! This is the month of Dominion! Extraordinary, Extraordinary things will take place, I keep hearing this! Glory be to God!

***Because you waited in your wilderness, God is going to bless you OPENLY! (((Glory Hallelujah)))

Yes, Sister & Evangelist Dora Lewis it is yours for the asking!! Granted!

Mouthpiece, PROPHETESS Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 10/2/2016@6:49p.m.

#October2016SeasonofDominion #Extraordinaryblessings #PropheticVoice#Prophetess #Rosie

***Please share this message and be blessed!

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