Personal Message from Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley

A Personal Message from Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley

It's not easy being on the WALL as a Prophetess unto the Nations, whenever I’m hearing from God, I feel the results in the Spirit Realm. Let me explain, when I saw the bridge collapsing, I felt the pain and fear from the people. There are many nights I do not sleep, crying out and standing in the gap for God's people. I don't socialize with many people, because God keeps me in a place of isolation (In Him), so my spirit will not be polluted or contaminated. **You have to protect the anointing God has placed within you, by walking in obedience to His Spirit and living a life that's pleasing to God.

Whenever, I hear from the Holy Spirit, I share my messages as many places I’m ably, because through revelation knowledge I must inform, and I thank God for those who shares my post, this is a ministry for you as well, you are sharing the gospel of Christ! God sees your work. Amen!

**You all may not believe this but some of these Megastar Ministries have blocked or banned my post from their Facebook pages.

The words I speak, are not my own, I'm just one of the mouthpieces God is using to make his people AWARE, and to those ministries which has disrupted the messages, WOE unto to you! For your hour will come is what I'm hearing, in due seasons and it will not be very long, and it will hit your life and ministries in the UNKNOWN places, which will have an abrupt change in your ministry and your life.

Why did you kick against the pricks, and rob from the flock is what I'm hearing?

**The Ministries which blocked the Prophetic Messages: >>Joyce Meyers Ministries, TBN Ministry, Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church, Mark Chironna , Benny Hinn Ministries, Richard Roberts, Fred Price Jr, Rod Parsley, John Hagee Ministries, Creflo Dollar, Gloria Copeland, Kenneth Copeland, CBN News, The 700 Club, Lyle and Deborah Dukes, Riva Tims, and Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

((I guess they didn’t want to lose the STAR POWER)) therefore, I was blocked from sharing FOREWARNED Prophetic Messages, which could have prevented some of the devastation and hardship people are experiencing. My heart goes out to those who are suffering in this Wind of Judgment. God forewarns us to PREPARE ourselves! . So what gives Man the right to STOP or Hinder a Messenger of God? No FORM of DUST is GREATER or LESSER than the Other! BUT WOE unto those which Interfered saith the Spirit of the Living God!

(((Some leaders think they are the Only One who hears from God.)))

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. I have a heart for people, no matter who you are. I love everyone, <3

Romans 13:8(KJV)

*** Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

In the love of Jesus Christ, Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 10/7/2016@10:23p.m.

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