"The Upcoming Election Is Not a Man's Thing, but a God's Thing"

This Upcoming Election is Not a Man's Thing, but a God's Thing!

The reason why these attacks are so massive against Hillary Clinton, It's because she is a WOMAN and ( some of the Men) do not want a Woman in position of Authority, and or to follow the instruction of a Woman being President of the United States. Well, to all the Hillary Clinton's Opposers' get over it, and you will learn to accept it. You cannot change what God has ordained!

***This is Not a Man's thing but a God's thing! Behold God is doing a New Thing in the earth, only God can change the Heart of People!

November 8th will finalize the victory, in the meantime we as Citizen of the United States must stay on our knees and PRAY, because of what lies ahead. I'm not at liberty to say, but PRAY!

Mouthpiece, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 10/28/2016@7:28p.m.

#PraywithoutCeasing #hillaryclinton #Strongertogether #Prophetess #Rosie#ThisisNotaManthing

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