"The Prophetic Message I Wrote On 11/10/2016, It Would Be A DELAY in the Investigation... I&#39

**I posted a prophetic message on November 10th, an ongoing investigation was being conducted of Espionage and changed will happen, but to what degree I did not know. ((Also it will be a DELAYED process on something before it fall down flat. This is an example of the Jericho wall is what I was hearing))

**Well, things are unfolding just as the Holy Spirit revealed to me and I give Him all the GLORY!

(Post on 11/10/2016)

***I Have to release this word, and we as people must continue to pray.

>>>“There is an ongoing investigation being conducted of Espionage, and changes will happen to what extent I do not know.”

An investigation is underway we must pray and not prey.

God has the final say so, and we as people of God must stand for righteousness no matter what!

God is in CONTROL, pray!

>>>***I'm hearing changes will happen, but to what degree I do not know, but this I know we MUST PRAY!

(((***Also it will be a delayed process on something, before it fall down flat. (This is an example of the Jericho wall is what I’m hearing.) Read Joshua 6th chapter

Mouthpiece, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 11/10/2016@4:29p.m.

***The DELAYED process happened on December 1, 2016.

((Recount in Michigan DELAYED after Trump’s lawyers file objection))

Mouthpiece In the Night Seasons, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley


#Recount2016 #PropheticVoice #Prophetess #Rosie #MichiganRecount


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