"Healing Comes After Divorce, No Matter How Painful the Hurt, Or the Ripping"

Rhema Word: Healing from a Divorce and/or Relationship...

**Those who are coming out a divorce and/or relationship, please allow you time to HEAL. Divorce is ripping, a rip has all sorts of edges sharp, smooth, crooked and all are UNEVEN. Spend the much needed time with the Holy Spirit and let him breathe on you, bring healing to OPEN wounds and voided places in your body, soul and spirit. God is a healer, a deliverer and restorer.

**I'm a living witness of the power of God, after 15 years of marriage. (divorce). I'm upcoming my 13th year of being a single woman of God, and it had taken a five (5) year process to allow God to make me completely whole.

((Wait on God to make the change in (You), before you try to make the change in someone else" is what I'm hearing.))

Trust God, In time you will love again! Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley12/5/2016@10:26p.m. #GodisaHealer

#Divorce #RhemaWord #Relationship #Prophetess #Rosie

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