"Be Careful Who You Call a False Prophet, Discern the Difference, the Real & the Promissory

***Be careful who you Call a False Prophet and Discern the Real Prophets from the Promissory Notes Prophets!

Everything the Spirit of the Lord had given me about the Presidential Election, the Espionage...the Spirit of the Lord told me the Whole Truth would be exposed. The social media, Facebook friends and some on the Prayer-line Groups, has labeled me as a FALSE Prophet/ Prophetess, and God has proven them wrong! This is his battle, he told me to hold my peace and watch Him bring Correction! Be careful who you put your mouth against!

***Whenever God gives a True Prophet a word no matter what the circumstances look like, Your better have an Ear to hear in the Spirit and rebuke the flesh of doubt within yourself in the Name of Jesus!

Satan comes to STEAL, Kill and Destroy and he will give you what you want, Unqualified President, but at the end the Mission is to Destroy!!

God appointed and anointed me as a Prophetess unto the nations, this office as a Prophetess comes with Great Sacrifice, it's a place of loneliness as well. I give God the praise, he chose me, and I didn't select myself!

All the glory belongs to God, and I'm so grateful to be a chosen vessel to be used in this hour. The only support I receive comes from those who know who I am in Christ Jesus, and Do not walk in the spirit of Jealousy against Me which are MANY!

**Whenever I release a word to Support this Ministry, this is a direct word which comes from The Throne of God. It's not about Rosie, it's the assignment of a Prophetess God has guided my life to bring Him Glory and to Protect his people! (This is to INFORM You)

I'm not in the category of these "Promissory Notes Prophets/Prophetess", telling You, about their wealth THROUGH Your Giving! I hope ya'll receive that! Sales pitch and Slogans! The Promissory Notes Prophets is to take from you with their LIES of PROMISES!

***My name is not in the limelight, but my Validation comes from God and His Truth dwells within me! Be blessed and those who are supportive to this ministry in your donations, do not Stop. Your are linked to the OverFlow through my life just watch how God release the Prophet Reward! It's time to Celebrate!

In the Love of Jesus Christ, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley Ministries! ❤2/15/2017@1:07p.m.

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