The Prophecy of War In and Against The United States by: Prophetess Rosie Finley

We are getting ready to go into a War, and this is not a rumor of war. This will be a war.... I need to speak about this on the prayer-line, and then I will write about this. The Spirit of the Lord gave me a vision in 2002, it was so vivid I faxed it to the White House, as I was driving down to visit Jonathan, while in meditation, the Spirit of the Lord told me the United States will be a Dreadful place... This is the vision, I had 15 years ago. I will speak more on this on the Firewall prayer-line tomorrow. I made it back home safely, to God be the glory! We must PRAY without ceasing!

Mouthpiece in the Night Season, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 4/17/2017

God word must be fulfilled, Father God has mercy upon us all, and as a Prophetess I feel the pain of people and the effects of devastation’s.

**The Syria chemical attack in 2013, I wrote and posted about this attack before it happened and I prayed that someone would read and take heed. That written prophecy I shared with the world had taken a toll on me, it was almost two weeks before I regained my strength.

I'm a Prophetess called unto the nations; this is why my ministry is so complex... When God calls you, you are a MOUTHPIECE for mankind!

I give God the praise for using my life for his glory and to bless and forewarn his people

** My prayer People will Pray, Hear and Respond. In Jesus Name. Amen.

**Keep me in your prayers, and PLEASE be Supportive of Prophetess Rosie Finley Ministries. A Ministry with a MESSAGE, he that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord has to say!

Mouthpiece, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 4/18/2017@3.37p.m. #ProphetessRF #Mouthpiece

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