"Urgent Message, The War Against the United States, Approaching Upon Us"

Urgent Message, Message of War Against the United States.

I hear in my spirit, "Embrace Yourself" My last post early this morning, "the War is Approaching Fast and the Small Talk is Over" I have been speaking and crying loudly! Bless those who has an Ear to hear!

*** listen to my Prophetic Warning and Message about this War which is getting ready to STRIKE Against the United States of America is what I'm hearing. STRIKE AGAINST!

Father God Help Us, and Cover Us with your Blood in Jesus Name. Amen! messages on this War.

Go to my YouTube, Prophetess Rosie M. Finley

*** I feel this so STRONGLY in my spirit, something will happen on President Trump 100th day in office, which is tomorrow 4/29/2017. As I said the devastation of this Attack/War will be 10 x's Ten times Greater than 9/11

***Do Not be Surprised if TWO Countries will Strike Against the United States!

**It will be multiple attacks around the world, I written and posted this two days ago, Global Attacks and it is mentioned on my Youtube message.

***Please forward and share this message, I hope this gets to the White House.

Mouthpiece Unto the Nations, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 4/28/2017@10:34a.m.

#WarUnitedStates #NorthKorea #Russia #Mouthpiece #ProphetessRF


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