"If You're Faithful Over the Few, God Will Make Your Ruler Over Much"

"If you are faithful over the few things, God will make you ruler over greater things"

"The blessings I received Friday night of the Gallon of Milk and the dozen of eggs, which were a need, and God provided the answer before I asked. Some people may say this was a small thing, but I beg the difference it was a BIG thing. Can I break it down for you?

It was a marvelous thing what God did regarding the milk and the eggs I received. First of all, before it became a thought, God had already answered it.

Secondly, the process of getting the milk, God knew which cow He assigned to produce the milk.

Thirdly, the dozens of eggs given, God knew which hens He kept in place so they would feed me.

Now when you think about all that... The GOODNESS of the Lord is so Amazing! He is an Awesome God! Now matter how small things may look to the natural eyes; God does and performs the miraculously in our lives EVERYDAY!

Whether you too blind to see; or fail to realize how Much He Loves, and Provides all our Need everyday. If you just look at your surrounding and see, how Great God Is!

It's not about how much you have, but are you thankful? He has already provided, the way has already been made; and the provision has already been given! I hope this message open your eyes and see What an Awesome God I and we serve!!"

Blessed above and beyond measure, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley

Words of thanksgiving! October 21, 2013@3:13 p.m.

My Eggs and Milk Testimony, I wrote in 10/19/2013... God gives you what you NEED! He is an Awesome God!!

I just want to share a praise report. Yesterday I was looking in my refrigerator, I saw my milk was getting low and I needed more eggs. I just did not feel like getting out the house, so I stayed in. Around 8:30 p.m. my doorbell rang, It was my neighbor, she said "Sis., I just want to bless you with some milk. My kids has plenty". I told her how much I appreciated her kindness, but she gave me two bags. One bag had a gallon of milk, and the other bag had a dozen of eggs. "The Spirit of the Lord was saying... I know you needs before you ask, the unexpected blessings are going to continued to pour out on you" To God be the Glory! Trust God, He is Alpha and Omega. He's with us from the beginning to the End. Have a blessed day, In the love of Christ, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley10/19/2013

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