Le'Andria Johnson, Needs Praying not PREYING!

I absolutely do not agree with Le'Andria Johnson profanity. However, this lady is hurting. I am concern about her soul and she is distraught right now. Instead of judg

ing we need to be praying for LeAndria Johnson, remember Peter one of the disciples he cussed and Jesus forgave him, and later told he to feed his sheep.

Le'Andria Johnson is on a higher level in the secular and gospel industry. She has seen some stuff which she has held within and garbage she couldn't tell anyone for fearful of her life.

She said, “they told her to abort her baby when she became pregnant out of wedlock, because of her reputation in the gospel industry.” This itself shows they have no regard for human life and murdering isn’t optional. So we as people must be prayerful, quick to hear and slow to speak.

Do not forget our language wasn't always in a spiritual form, since we were Saved. We all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Pray and not Prey. Le'Andria needs our prayers, and she has mines!

Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 7/8/2018@12:13a.m. .

#PrayersforLeAndria #ProphetessRF #BringitALLtogether

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