North Korea is responsible for the Coronavirus, not China!

China is not responsible for the Coronavirus, neither did it originate from that area.

Whenever Kim Jong Un the leader of North Korea, began launching the Ballistic Missiles from North Korea, each launched RELEASED TOXIC POISONOUS MATERIAL into the atmosphere to destroy their allies. Each attempt which looked to be a failure to the United States was actually successful to Kim Jong Un and North Korea.

KIM JONG-UN eventually knew the poison would travel in the atmosphere to other countries and the United States of America, and it would cause a Mass Destruction! His country was protected and Russia, they were given a defense to the human body and it wouldn't cause harm.

President Trump, suggested the United States to receive facial mask from North Korea, this would be destructive!

***On, or around March 21, 2020 Another Ballistic Missile was launched from NORTH KOREA, more deadly chemicals was RELEASED into the atmosphere, it is colorless, tasteless and DESTRUCTIVE to the human body!

**Please stop Harassing Our Asian Communities in the United States, Your Enemy is NORTH KOREA!

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A Prophetic VOICE, crying loud and spare not. Prophetess Rosie M. Finley

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